About Us

We are a social enterprise providing sustainable Waste Management Solutions.

Eco-Care Organization is a social enterprise providing sustainable Waste management solutions with the use of information technology, recycling programs, education and environmental advocacy which enables progressive social, environmental, economic impact in Nigeria and the World.

Eco-Care Organization (formerly Ecological Conscience Projects), was founded to tackle the problem of environmental pollution and also mitigate climate change in Nigeria, Africa and the world through products and services that enables and engenders eco-friendly living.

Our Commitment to You

At Eco-Care Org our most important relationships are the ones we have with our customers. We continually strive to make your recycling and waste management effortless. Our exceptional employees are here for you — to listen, to provide outstanding service, and to help you help the environment.

Environmental Advocacy

We are an Organization with Ecological Conscience and have made it our core responsibility to continue evangelizing about the problems and impact of pollution and climate change in our environment, the need to quickly change our lifestyle to that which is environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly.

Some of the platforms we use to achieve this objectives and goal are the Eco-Care Sensitization Project(ECOS-Project) and the Green Awards.